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Hey there world it's another day Tons to do, can't get lead astray Well that's alright, that's ok If I don't work then I don't get paid But Game of Thrones is on the VOD sitting there winking up at me Well What do you think, what do you say Should I watch or baby should I stay can't stop You can never stand still Don't stop Or you'll be sliding downhill I won't stop Can only eat what I kill Can't stop But then maybe I will Working hard in the studio Playing songs is the way to go Well that's alright, that's ok If I don't write there'll be no songs to play But Mauro's putting on a show tonight Everyone's going it'll be alright Well What do you think, what do you say Should I go or baby should I stay Chorus Oh, the party's in full swing And life's for living Don't fight it, just give in no misgivings -please Lead me into sin Temptation's what I crave Before I hit the grave
There's a thing we like to do Every time there's trouble Based upon the view You can't have too much Rubble So why can't we do it? Everybody's doing it Because it never works Is no reason to eschew it And we say Oo oo Bombs away Damn the consequences Oo oo Bombs away Let's go crazy Well we tried it once before With dublya in the White House Now we're up for more Dying to let the dogs out So why can't we do it? Everybody's doing it let's light the fireworks Stand back and enjoy it Chorus And yeah. Here we go again itching to join in Ready for the starters gun once more Chorus Oo oo Bombs away No more mending fences Oo oo Bombs away And Don't forget the navy
Sorry baby But I’ve got to dash I’m doin’ this, I’m signing that Tryin’ to make some cash So don’t you cry babe Ditch that violin Friday night ‘bout twelve o’clock I’ve got you penciled in C’mon Josephine C’mon Josephine Girl you’re out of sight Just not tonight I’m sorry Josie No need to wonder why I got previous, it ain’t devious But I’ve just got to fly Gotta a thousand obligations Gotta make them shekels shine Gotta walk them halls, got conference calls Gotta sign them dotted lines Chorus Now it’s after midnight Underneath your balcony I’m staring up my buttercup Won’t you come see me I’ll wait five more minutes Smoke one more cigarette Hey wait, am I getting you Mixed up with Juliette C’mon Josephine C’mon Josephine Girl you’re out of sight How ‘bout tonight
Making my way through Leicester Square Watching the people going underground Standing in rows down moving stairs Lost in their thoughts as they go down down down A million hopes and dreams Blowing like confetti in the breeze Emily sings as she heads home Thoughts of her wedding going round and round Dreams of a life not spent alone Smile on her face as she goes down down down All of her hopes and dreams Blowing like confetti in the breeze All of our hopes and dreams Blowing like confetti in the breeze A million hopes and dreams Blowing like confetti in the breeze
Sometimes there are days I can do no wrong Everything is great and we get along Then there are the days when I'm quite the opposite All I do is selfish, vain and incompetent Only trouble is I can't tell which is which Baffled and bewildered I stumble and twitch Never knowing whether I'll be good as gold Or cast out in the dog house begging: Let's skip to the good bit Let's skip to the spot where you think I'm great Let's skip to the good bit honey Let's skip to the part where I'm just first rate Yeah yeah yeah yeah Some days it's all cool and I'm good as gold She tells me I'm an angel, dinner doesn't get cold other days I'm hopeless and it's thrown to the dog Who can't believe his luck, grabs my chop and runs off So hungry and confused I retire to my den To weather out the storm and live to breathe again Try to make sense of all this Venus and Mars stuff But all that comes into my mind is Chorus I need to buy a gizmo that reads the female mind A special kind of Kindle designed to save mankind A one eyed wizard able to lead all of us men Away from here: the valley of the blind
Jed's a dancing guy it's what he does On the street and waiting for the bus He's there It's just the way it is And when Jed goes dancing he's a happy guy No one’s frowning as he skips by A soft shoe shuffle makes the sun shine in the sky That's just the way it is Just the way it is He says the people living in his town Hurt a lot they're always feeling down At heel It's just the way it is now that he goes dancing all he sees are smiles people laughing mile after mile It maybe foolish but for him it's all worthwhile That's just the way it is Just the way it is Jed says he owes it to the Lord above Who saved his mum so Jed could tell her of his love That's the the way it is So he's binned the drugs, mended all his ways Left prison behind, these are better days Now he's dancing and that's what he'll do always That's the way it is Just the way it is Yeah the way it is Just the way it is
Hey. How are you today sir? I hope everything's ok? I say “yes”. Everything is so-so But I don't know where he's been Cos the man on the desk, He could tell a story Of things I'll never see Yeah The man on the desk, He's the super hero A man I'll never be Oh the man on the desk, He's the one I'd turn to The man I'd like to see When I'm being A friend in need So. He's no longer there now Home, is where he needs to be now, his family really needs him Oh they need him, desperately Cos the man on the desk, is more than his appearance Would lead me to believe Oh the man on the desk, He's the one who'll save them In their hour of need Yeah the man on the desk, He's the one they'll turn to To save them and be free And he'll save them guaranteed Well every day I see him but I don't know what his life's about I never stop to wonder where he came from or if he has doubts Living in my bubble thinking everything is what it seems Till a faraway earthquake wakes me up from my solo dream
It's a long long way to Maida Vale When you're walking there day after day Empty pockets head filled up with dreams Looking cool but all's not what it seems Oh seventeen dream boy dream But no He wouldn't change a single thing He's gonna teach the world to sing In harmony with his four strings The wonder of the female form Will follow him from dusk to dawn One day he will be a king The tills will ring out ring kerching So he wouldn't change a single thing Every day’s a walk to wonderland Dreams of life spent touring in a band Learning songs to take the world by storm Seeking that escape route from the norm
Hey there I go Dreaming again Off where time slows Tick tock but then: When the day is done Somewhere I can run Leave the world behind when it's all gone crazy Somewhere in the sun Somewhere I can run away It's my fantasy A bolt hole from reality A mental refuge from it all And I can fly Away there any time I like I can fly there In my mind And I can lie Feel the breeze blow over me Yeah I can fly there Anytime Purple clover Up round the bend Somewhere over The rainbow's end It's not hard to be A million miles away at sea Floating gently on the tide Chorus
The man on the phone says, “How are you today?” I don't reply but he goes on anyway Says I need to let him fix a bug on my Mac I ask him how he knows it's on the blink He says, “Don't worry sir. No need to think” Let him on and he'll make my box of tricks purr Just because you're paranoid It don't mean they won't get you And just because you're crazy It don't mean it's not true Picked up an email that can't be right A man in Leotho says my future's bright £50 million pounds is mine today if I claim He needs to verify my identity Send him an admin fee, but do it quickly “Really easy sir”, to miss it would be a shame Just because you're paranoid Don't mean you should tag along And just because your schizoid It don't mean you're both wrong
There he goes Smart from head to toe A wolf in a Lamborghini Diablo And here she comes Queen of all the mums Envy of all her chums, and so Here he goes He knows, she'll say hello So he stops to say "How are you today?" And smiles as she turns his way So: Hey Frank Sinatra lock up your daughter Cos Frank junior's on the prowl tonight Hey Neil Sedaka Hide the Viagra Cos Frank Junior's bad enough alright There he goes Master of all he knows A danger on the road, you know He can't let go Any girl, he'll need to show Just what he's made of So the gloves are off And the chase is under way Hey Frank Sinatra You know what he's after And no female's safe from him tonight Hey Neil Sedaka Fetch your bazooka Cos Sweet Sixteen’s in his sights alright
They say God saves guess we're just the same both have rainy days But does he know my name? God save me now God save me now Ease my troubled brow God save me now It makes no odds Whether I believe But I hope to God He believes in me God save me now God save me now Save me from myself God save me now May the road rise up And help me on my way And if you're out there Hear me when I pray


The 3rd Album from Duncan Reid and the Big Heads


released April 7, 2017

Duncan Reid: Vocals, backing vocals, bass, guitar, keyboards
Sophie K Powers: guitar
Mauro Venegas: guitar, backing vocals
Karen Jones: drums, backing vocals

Thanks also to:
Tommy Lorente: backing vocals
Sean Genockey: guitar, slide guitar
Andrew Matheson, Tine Hammer, Hugo Zunker, Harry Steen, Dany Torres, Peter Jones, Keith Newman, Peter Antony, Danny Mac, Mainy, Jim Lahat, Gary Crowley, Kyle and Timmy Gross, Dave Renegade, Stephen Doyle, Anna Donarski, Danielle and Keith Winson, Steve Green, George Houstoun, Bernd Lange and family, Allan Nazareth, Janne Lagerstrom, Johan Hargeby and all at Sound Pollution.

The Big Heads live are: Duncan: bass, vocals, keys. Sophie: guitar, keys, Karen: drums, Nick Hughes: guitar,vocals.

Produced by Sean Genockey and Duncan Reid
Engineered by Sean Genockey
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Black Dog Studios with the exception of all vocals: recorded and messed up in my house.
Mastered by Ed Woods

Cover by green square

Twitter: @duncanreid91
Instagram: duncanreid91

Contact: duncan@littlebighead.co.uk

P 2017 Duncan Murray Reid
(C) Duncan Murray Reid
LBH 03


all rights reserved



Duncan Reid and the Big Heads UK

The UK's best looking and most superb proponents of heavy melody power pop punk. Based around former member of Joey Ramone's favourite UK, band The Boys, Duncan Reid and the Big Heads have been ripping it up on all corners of the globe except most of them. Catch them if you can! ... more


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